Poems and Drawing  for Little People





The sun is saying hello

To a lazy drop of rain

While the birds sing a song

Announcing a brand-new day.

Under a very blue Sky

The dancing grass says hello

Morning says the butterfly

good morning answers the crow






“Who Am I”

I can never see the tree tops

of the forest where I live

No matter how high I jump

they are impossible to reach

I have a natural coat

which protects me in the winter

But in the summer it’s hot

And I wish I had a zipper.

My house is underground

Carrots I like to eat

I Jump high without a sound

even though I have large feet

If you still can’t guess my name

and you wander who I am

turn the page to see my face

you won’t be very surprised




“Time Flies”

The Clock says Tic Toc Tic Toc

chile kids rush to have fun.

Why is it time goes so fast

when they don’t want time to run?

On school days children prefer

To sleep longer in the mornings,

But then, they rush out of Bed

early Saturdays and Sundays.


“Rise and Shine”

Roosters sings ki ki ri ki.

Is  time to start a new day

Use a good brush on your teeth

and mild soap on your face.

Remember to make your bed

Shine your shoes and comb your hair

and try never to forget

To start your day with a prayer.

Milk, cereal, eggs and juice

Fruits, Yogurt, the choice is great

Breakfast is when you can choose

the fun meal of the day


“Cross at the Green”

When a street a kid must cross

He must do it at the corner

making sure when he does

He holds hands with someone older

But if he is to do it alone

a simple rule he most see.

Never never try to cross

until the light turns to green



“Good Table Maners”

When you sit down to eat

keep in mind this simple rule

Make sure your hands are clean

Don’t talk with your mouth full

Don’t touch the food with your hands

When you ask don’t forget please

Before you start give thanks

After you eat brush your teeth

Close your mouth when you are eating

Don’t make sounds when you chew

The host will select your seating

Don’t get up till you are excused.


"To make Friends"

when you play with other kids

keep in mind this simple rule

when you ask always say please

Never push, or grab, or pull

If you want to keep a friend

make an effort to be fair

you must try to understand

friendship really means to share



And when bad times cloud your head

Instead of strength use your brains

But you must never forget

your parents are your best friends.




“The Four Seasons”

I have a very good reason

To look forward to the spring,

Because of all the four seasons,

that one is the best to dream



But then I like summer too.

Hot weather means recreation

or just plain nothing to do

that could be the best vacation


Autumn brings colorful rainbows

of falling leaves and new friends,

back to School, old rules to follow

And always new things to learn


And then, to dream of White Christmas

of sled, hot cocoa and snow,

of things that brings the new year.

New faces and phrases to know



For me, there is only one season.

Twelve months of contrast and change.

Every day brings a new reason

To love, to have fun, to learn.


“The Lion”

A lion is much too wild

to live with me or with you

He would rather eat a child

than what he gets at the zoo

He looks great on television

and better in” Lion King”

But I have made my decision

I will never live with him

He probably has bad breath,

poor manners at the table

I cannot handle the stress

I doubt if I’ll be able

I’d rather live with a skunk...

I would do it without question

but never in a lions trunk

to be part of his digestion.


“The Turtle”

A turtle moves under water

much faster than over land

and she must come up for air

and bury her eggs in the sand

A turtle lives very long

nobody questions that fact

but just to cross any road

she needs a year and a half

It seems to me that to be

that slow makes no sense

If you leave it up to me

I’d rather speed and live less


“The Pirate’s Gold”
Rhyme & Search

The pirate’s large looking glass

is pointed at the lighthouse,

and at the same time, a mouse

is hiding behind the grass


He is also looking around

searching for something to eat,

while the whale dives down

to the bottom of the sea.

Further up, the smiling Sun

is saying hello to the seagull

while clouds on the run

are searching for the pirate's gold

A submarine's periscope

is watching, as a sunflower

dances with an old rope

under a small magic shower.


“If there is a Fire”

The first thing that you must know

if fire threatens your floor,

it’s that when a knob is hot,

you should not open that door.

If your room is full of smoke

Don’t wait till the fire is over

Cry for help while staying low,

if you catch fire roll over


Never try to put it out

don’t look for old things to save

wasting time without a doubt

could mean you are foolish not brave.



But the one thing you must do

So that nothing becomes ashes

is to make sure that you,

never, never play with matches


“Learn to say No”

If some one ask you to smoke
and you don’t know what to say
just treat it as a bad joke
and say : ! Your crazy, no way !

If your asked to take a drink
or just any kind of drugs,
don’t even say anything
and run home to tel your folks





“Home Alone”

If your alone in the house

and your waiting for your folks

just be silent as a mouse

it’s better if no one knows


Even if your not alone

don’t open doors to strangers

open it, if they live home

or to close family members






“Friends don’t have to be like you”

Every time we go to school

we discover a new thing,

a new friend or a new rule

or just a new song to sing.



Sometimes we prefer to be

with one particular friend,

that’s because we have a need

for someone to understand.



But one thing we have to learn

before our A B C.

That Black, Spanish, White, Chinese

deep inside   we are all the same




That no matter how we pray

or what we call  our God

Remember, we all have the same

red liquid that is called blood.




Poems & Drawings for Little People
Copyright c 2004
by John Perez-Sampedro

All Rights Reserved. No part of this book may be used or reproduced in any manner whatsoever without written permission except in the case of brief quotations embodied in critical items and reviews.

                                                by  John Perez-Sampedro