English Poems

                                           by John Perez-Sampedro




 The Essences of Perfection

We were taught to love and to be good to our neighbors, yet
most people around us seam full of hate and deceit
and a wide spread preference for violence, vengeance and cheat
makes it hard to know if ones way are wrong or correct.

And though Wrong has battled Right since the start of creation
and all that confusion is supposed to make some sense,
I Ďve wondered if God is playing both sides of the fence

and Good and Evil are both essences of perfection

Maybe thatís why we could do wrong while trying to be good
Or why we do right even while trying to wrong others.
Perhaps thatís why we devour each other like food.

And on this planet, violence prevails and love is feeble.
And why whole galaxies collide like two giant brothers,
in a timeless Olympus war, between Good and Evil


A Final Surrender

An exotic fragrance exudes from her skin

and that rare scent mixed in with her sweat,
combines with her smooth and perfect silhouette
to make her a Goddess of love and Sin.

Her golden hair caressing her nipples,
Her lips seamed ready to utter a sound
But no words were needed, her eyes had found
His, Making a willing slave of his pupils

At last she speaks so softly. !Oh please donít!
While in an obvious sensual invitation,
her whole body betrays her true intention.

With her eyes now closed, her perfect legs wonít
sustain her any longer as her tender
arms embrace him in a final surrender.


My Most Unforgettable Character
Dedicated postumely to Conchita Sampedro

She walked proud among us
always ready to speak out
And no one who knew her could doubt
The independent soul she was.

Her strength was always inspiring
to other less fortunate souls
For them, she played well the roll
of a woman of great valor.

She lived a full and long life
Earning the love and respect
of family, neighbors and friends.

Farewell my favorite aunt,
Rest well, for you were the best,
Among the best of the clan.