"Consorting with the enemy,

the american's left favourite sport" 


                                   por John Perez-Sampedro







he Islamic theocracy and the  Left are indeed natural allies, both are bonded by the    threat  that Judeo-Christianís  values and  conservative individualism  represents to their survival, and  by the Bash Bush Syndrome  they  share and enjoy.

Is no surprise,  that many of the Zunis killing American soldiers in Baghdad today,  belonged  to  the Bah party,  originally   founded in Syria  by members  of that countryís communist party.

Is no surprise that  Russia, who   has vast commercial interests in the Middle East and  plays an  important  role   as a  developer of nuclear  energy  and  weapon provider in the region, consistently and  unconditionally  sides with Iran, Syria  and    leftist Europeans  against the United States,  to protect their  own  commercial and political  interests in the region.

Is also no  surprise  that   Islamic countries such as Syria, Iran and  Libya,   among others,  are a magnet for   personalities of the extreme left  such as, Castro, Chavez, Morales, Ortega  and  other leftists, in various degrees of ideological development, who seek closer  ties with them, not just to increase commerce and political clout, but rather, as a  measure of defiance  against the United States.     

The same could be said about the trip to the region by  our  Majority Leader Speaker of the House, Nancy Pelosi.  Her discussions on foreign policy during her  visit to the Middle East, is indeed a measure of  her defiance of the Bush administration.  The conversations she held, during that trip, with heads of governments, some of them,  accused by the administration of aiding and abiding the enemy,    have  been  perceived  by  some  as treason. 

At best,  her  ill timed unauthorized  trip, will make it difficult for the Democratic Partyís leadership to demand  respect for the separation of power in the future, when the shoe may be on the other foot, but her actions may  still   trigger  a constitutional crisis.  

Some political annalists at home coincide with the notion,   that aside from  embarrassing  some members of Congress on both sides of the isle,   Nancy Pelosi  also  managed  to  emboldened the  enemy, weaken     the administrationís  foreign policies  and demoralize   our troops at a time of war.

Bush bashing and   politicising   the war,  may be  the  favourite sport   that   some   practice at home  under the auspice of the first amendment,  but for an important elected official, such as Nancy Pelosi, who should be fully aware of her limitations and responsibilities under the United States Constitution,  consorting with the enemy  abroad, while publicly  rejecting  foreign policies designed by the elected leader of our nation, and  while  our soldiers are in harms way, is a treacherous and dangerous behaviour that  must have consequences.